Fireballing From A Sligo Perspective

28 Feb 2011

I grew up in Rosses Point and for a long time, Sligo Yacht Club was like a second home to me. Coming from a large family of sailors, I did my first sailing courses as a kid there and finally progressed through the ranks to work as an Instructor in the club. I spent a couple of years competing in the Mirror class with my younger sister, but never very competitively. I loved racing with my friends, but could never commit to the training necessary to get to the top end of the fleet.

The Last Few Weeks....

17 Mar 2009

Hey Guys,

Torres del Paine

12 Feb 2009

We spent the last four days trecking in the Torres del Paine national park in Patagonia. The park is one of the most popular sights in South America and one of the most popular National Parks.

Some more of Bariloche, El Boson and the Navimag Ferry

07 Feb 2009

We ended up having a lovely break in Bariloche. Camped out for the week, ate plenty of the local chocolate and just relaxed - enjoying the peacee and quiet of the lovely little campsite which was located out of the business of the town but luckily on a pretty frequent bus route. We finally got to do a bit of rafting - first time for the both of us and boy did we have fun! Twas absoutely savage. Thankfully neither of us got thrown out of the boat but we did hop in for a swim/bob down some of the rapids and got to laugh at some of the other rafts coming down behind us.

Valparaíso & Santiago

26 Jan 2009

So so we spent a few days in Valparaíso. Crazy town, with lots of hills to keep us fit! We took it nice and easy here, rented a boat and got some more sailing lessons from peter…

Mendoza & Bariloche

26 Jan 2009

We skipped the border from Chile to Argentina on Tuesday to a city called Mendoza. It’s in the main wine producing region in Argentina and wine is a bit of a big deal. We got a bit of a shock as things were more expensive here than in north Argentina at the start of our trip. The place was also mobbed and for the first time we had difficulty getting a place to stay. We went on a wine tour on Wednesday and got to see a few different winereys, as well as a museum of wine, showing how it was made through the years. The format of the tour was a little different, we rented bikes and got to cycle around to different vinyards all day.

Bahia Inglasia & Puclaro

20 Jan 2009

So after the thrill of jumping off a cliff, we got back on the road. Our destination was a small town by the sea called Bahia Inglasia. I wanted to go there because kitesurfing was mentioned in the lonely planet book, but there was no wind and it was cloudy when we got there. We used our new tent and camped wild on the beach that night.

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Peter Armstrong

From Sligo, currently living in Cork, Ireland.

Studying Marine Renewable Energy Engineering at University College Cork.

Previously web applications developer at OnePageCRM and VisualID.

Before that, owner of LSDKiteboarding and Rosses Point Guesthouse.

Interested in boats, bicycles, computers and the outdoors.