Bread Dough Recipe

15 Feb 2015

We held a cake sale in OnePageCRM last week to raise money for our MS Ireland’s Galway’s Fittest Workplace team. The whole office got behind the idea and a huge variety of cakes and bakes were produced. I don’t know how to bake any cakes or anything sweet, so I volunteered to make bread for sandwiches. Here’s my recipe.

Moving from Wordpress to Jekyll

14 Feb 2015

I haven’t blogged on here for a while - I haven’t been able to think of anything to write about. To kickstart things again, I’m moving this blog from Wordpress to Github pages and Jekyll.

Repairing a Plastic Kayak

30 Oct 2013

I recently found out about a new epoxy resin called G-Flex. It’s designed specially for bonding to plastics, for example the plastic used to make whitewater kayaks and many sailing dinghies. A friend had a broken kayak lying around at home so we decided to pick up some of this epoxy and have a go repairing it. It didn’t end well.

A Visit To The Clouds

09 Oct 2013

We have recently come up against some infrastructure capcacity issues at my workplace. After some investigation, we realised that our servers are not running as efficiently as they could be. We needed to update the OS on the servers, and this meant a visit to the data centre.

Ubuntu Touch Dublin Bikes App

08 Aug 2013

A while ago I started working on an Ubuntu Touch app for the DublinBikes bicycle sharing scheme. I’m a big fan of the bike sharing scheme and use them whenever I am out and about in the centre of Dublin.

Interesting job advertisement

07 Aug 2013

I spotted this job posting from iQ Content and thought it was interesting because it asks candidates to do a few “coding challenges” to go with their application. Their choices of projects is interesting and highlights the importance of being able to work with API’s, mobile, and of course that most current of web design buzz words “Responsive Design”.

Testicular Torsion

05 Jul 2013

tor·sion /ˈtôrSHən/ Noun

  1. The action of twisting or the state of being twisted, esp. of one end of an object relative to the other.
  2. The extent to which a curve departs from being planar

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