A Break From Software Engineering

04 Sep 2015

Last week I finished up my job as a Ruby on Rails developer at OnePageCRM. It was a real pleasure working with everybody at OnePageCRM - the development team, product owners and our fantastic customer success team. There is a great bunch of people working there and I will miss them all.

Rails Girls Galway

01 Jul 2015

Last weekend I helped out with a Rails Girls event in Galway, Ireland. It was a great way to get in touch with a local community of existing and potential Rails developers.

Ireland to Japan Overland

02 May 2015

For the last few weeks, I’ve been travelling overland from Ireland to Japan, by train, boat and bus.

Lazy Developer Website Talk

15 Mar 2015

I recently gave a short talk for Galway’s 091Labs hackerspace on creating a quick and not so dirty website using Github Pages. It’s pretty basic stuff but I enjoyed giving the talk. You can find the presentation at http://peterarmstrong.ie/lazy-developer-website/

Bread Dough Recipe

15 Feb 2015

We held a cake sale in OnePageCRM last week to raise money for our MS Ireland’s Galway’s Fittest Workplace team. The whole office got behind the idea and a huge variety of cakes and bakes were produced. I don’t know how to bake any cakes or anything sweet, so I volunteered to make bread for sandwiches. Here’s my recipe.

Moving from Wordpress to Jekyll

14 Feb 2015

I haven’t blogged on here for a while - I haven’t been able to think of anything to write about. To kickstart things again, I’m moving this blog from Wordpress to Github pages and Jekyll.

Repairing a Plastic Kayak

30 Oct 2013

I recently found out about a new epoxy resin called G-Flex. It’s designed specially for bonding to plastics, for example the plastic used to make whitewater kayaks and many sailing dinghies. A friend had a broken kayak lying around at home so we decided to pick up some of this epoxy and have a go repairing it. It didn’t end well.

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Peter Armstrong

From Sligo, Ireland, currently living in Glasgow, Scotland.

Flight Sciences at KPS.energy

Previously web applications developer at OnePageCRM and VisualID.

Before that, owner of LSDKiteboarding and Rosses Point Guesthouse.

Interested in sustainability, boats, bicycles and the outdoors.