Enery Usage In Ireland Compared To Weather And Gdp

07 Oct 2015

Energy usage in Ireland is affected by weather patterns and economic activity. Any analysis of energy efficiency measures must take these factors into account.

Marine Renewable Energy

10 Sep 2015

Last Monday I started a masters in Marine Renewable Energy. I’m planning to write a bit about the course and what I’m learning as the year goes on. I won’t be writing about anything new, unique or anything that can’t be found elsewhere, better explained and in more detail.

Shopping Local Pays Off

07 Sep 2015

At the start of the summer I decided to do a triathlon.

A Break From Software Engineering

04 Sep 2015

Last week I finished up my job as a Ruby on Rails developer at OnePageCRM. It was a real pleasure working with everybody at OnePageCRM - the development team, product owners and our fantastic customer success team. There is a great bunch of people working there and I will miss them all.

Rails Girls Galway

01 Jul 2015

Last weekend I helped out with a Rails Girls event in Galway, Ireland. It was a great way to get in touch with a local community of existing and potential Rails developers.

Ireland to Japan Overland

02 May 2015

For the last few weeks, I’ve been travelling overland from Ireland to Japan, by train, boat and bus.

Lazy Developer Website Talk

15 Mar 2015

I recently gave a short talk for Galway’s 091Labs hackerspace on creating a quick and not so dirty website using Github Pages. It’s pretty basic stuff but I enjoyed giving the talk. You can find the presentation at http://peterarmstrong.ie/lazy-developer-website/

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Peter Armstrong

From Sligo, Ireland, currently living in Glasgow, Scotland.

Software Developer with Carbon Co-op

Previously worked in airborne wind energy with KPS.energy, web application development with OnePageCRM and VisualID.

Before that, owner of LSDKiteboarding and Rosses Point Guesthouse.

Play tenor saxophone with Brass, Aye?

Various interests in sustainability, boats and bicycles, music and dancing and the outdoors.