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17 Jun 2013

I’ve recently helped a few people put together a few WordPress sites - Susan’s new business at, my sister Sheila at and a site for Franny’s boat charter business in Westport at We also use WordPress for our promotional site at work,, and recently I’ve started writing a few articles for the blog. I had forgotten that I enjoyed writing; as a web developer I don’t write much in English these days.

When decided it was time to stick up a personal site of my own, WordPress was the obvious choice. As a former fan of mini disc players (I still miss the noise of the discs when you remove them), Peter Lynn Twinskin kites and a current linux user (I had to be right eventually), it’s quite unusual for me to go for the obvious choice. The me of a year ago would probably have tried writing a portfolio site from scratch, and would have definitely never finished it. I did toy with the idea of taking a look at the ghost project, but I know I wouldn’t have gotten around to setting up a node server anytime soon.

So this blog is to dump thoughts and instructions for myself and maybe in future a place to show off some personal projects - if I ever finish any! I’ve also imported an old blog from a trip around South America to keep it safe for another while.

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Peter Armstrong

From Sligo, currently living in Cork, Ireland.

Studying Marine Renewable Energy Engineering at University College Cork.

Previously web applications developer at OnePageCRM and VisualID.

Before that, owner of LSDKiteboarding and Rosses Point Guesthouse.

Interested in boats, bicycles, computers and the outdoors.