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Developer Standard Tools

What are we talking about?

Unix based OS

Most web developers work on either some form of Linux, or Mac.

Reason - Servers run Linux, that's where websites run, so we need to run Linux to be able to develop for these servers. Mac has many similarities so it's usually OK too

We should be able to do the first part of this on a windows machine, but will struggle to do the more advanced parts - what should we do?

Git and Github

What's a git?

Git is a version control system to manage your code. You can keep track of what changes you make and when. It lets you go back to any old version of your code. If you're working with a team on a project, it lets you see who made what changes, and who to blame when things break!

Github is software as a service that lets you manage your git repositories in a simple user interface.

Text editor

None of that notepad crap!

Let's get started with Github Pages