Last Monday I started a masters in Marine Renewable Energy. I’m planning to write a bit about the course and what I’m learning as the year goes on. I won’t be writing about anything new, unique or anything that can’t be found elsewhere, better explained and in more detail.

I have a few reasons for writing:

  • I enjoy writing
  • To help me summarize the topics I’m learning
  • To encourage me to revise the lectures

So far, I’ve had four different classes:

  • Power Electronics and Drives
  • Sustainable Energy
  • Wind Energy
  • Energy Systems Modelling

I’ve also met a number of students who took the course last year. They presented a number of interesting research topics they had been working on for the last few months. It was a great way to get flavour of the type of project I would be expected to present this time next year.

The course content so far has been mostly the bad news - an exploration of the issues facing our world and the reasons why renewable energy hasn’t quite been cracked yet.

It’s been fascinating, if a little overwhelming - we have huge problems coming down the line and don’t have the technology or will to deal with them yet.

One thing is for sure - no one technology will be able to solve these issues by itself, it will require a bit of everything. Investment and development of wind, solar, biomass and marine energy will all be required, along with policy changes, public consultation and education.

It will be an interesting few years.